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Spawners Shop In-Game

Cruz Owner posted Aug 2, 17

Some players requested that we sell Spanwers for in-game currency and I decided to try it out

so you can now buy some spawners at the /warp shop for 1 Mil. ($1,000,000)

leave your opinions below whether this is a good idea or not

Skyblock Updates

Cruz Owner posted Jun 29, 17

So I've been doing some updates and adding things such as some things below.

  • Island Border - Able to show a wall/border on the edge of your island to help you find it and build to it or other clever things you may use it for. (/is and click the Glass)
  • Island Mobs - Able to toggle "Natural Mob Spawning" so that only Spawners will spawn things from now on incase you don't want to Torch up your entire island. (/is and click the Egg)
  • Hoppers - Have been changed back to default speeds for now (8 items per second).
  • Iron Golems - Now don't stack and are limited to only 20 golems per island.
  • Spawner Changer - Has been changed with a new custom one and looks a bit nicer and easier to choose from and can change spawners by simply (right-click) the spawner with no items to access the menu.

If you have other suggestions on what to Add/Change please make a new thread with them here Suggestion Forum

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