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Server Reset Oct, 18th @ 3pm PT

Cruz Owner posted Oct 18, 18

if im awake

What Will Reset:

  • Islands
  • Island Upgrades
  • Balance
  • Player Kits
  • Player inventories, Ender chest, Player vaults
  • Votes
  • Vote Tokens
  • Token Enchants
  • Robots
  • Bans

Whats Staying:

  • Spawn
  • Ranks
  • Kits
  • Particles

    Whats New:

    • PVP:
      • Gapples Removed + Crafting
    • Black Scroll: 
      • (Retrieve): Can be used to retrieve a enchantment from your item
      • (Remove): Will be used to remove an enchantment but not return it
    •  CE:
      • Enchants cost reduced from 8 > 6 TE's
    • Spawners:
      • Change Spawners: /ss change <mob> while holding a spawner or stack
    • Natural Mobs:
      • You can now have natural mobs spawning or disabled via island menu
      • On by default so make sure to turn it off if you dont want mobs via /is
    • Island Menu: 
      • Island Mobs: Toggle natural mob spawning on your island (Island Owner)
      • Island Border: You can now change border color or toggle it
    • Block Crafting: These items will only be obtainable through in-game shops.
      • Hoppers
      • Pistons

    Spawners Shop In-Game

    Cruz Owner posted Aug 2, 17

    Some players requested that we sell Spanwers for in-game currency and I decided to try it out

    so you can now buy some spawners at the /warp shop for 1 Mil. ($1,000,000)

    leave your opinions below whether this is a good idea or not

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