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Skyblock Updates

Cruz Owner posted Jun 29, 17

So I've been doing some updates and adding things such as some things below.

  • Island Border - Able to show a wall/border on the edge of your island to help you find it and build to it or other clever things you may use it for. (/is and click the Glass)
  • Island Mobs - Able to toggle "Natural Mob Spawning" so that only Spawners will spawn things from now on incase you don't want to Torch up your entire island. (/is and click the Egg)
  • Hoppers - Have been changed back to default speeds for now (8 items per second).
  • Iron Golems - Now don't stack and are limited to only 20 golems per island.
  • Spawner Changer - Has been changed with a new custom one and looks a bit nicer and easier to choose from and can change spawners by simply (right-click) the spawner with no items to access the menu.

If you have other suggestions on what to Add/Change please make a new thread with them here Suggestion Forum

Server Reset with Updates

Cruz Owner posted Jan 30, 17

Hello Sky-Block players I have finished resetting the server and updated a few things and changed out Skyblock plugin because our current Skyblock plugin had some issues such as Players loosing their island completely or temporary and some players getting added to peoples island without being invited resulting to possible Griefs in the future so I made a decision to reset the server and switch our Skyblock plugin to a different one so let me tell you what has changed now below.

Skyblock -  Moslty the same but some configs are different in the new plugin such as Trusting someone is now

(/island coop/uncoop) and we no longer have Island chat only for actual island members (/island teamchat) and

so has the warp system to add a warp you now have to place a sign with [Welcome] at the top line to be activated.

Kits - Some minor things like some iron only has regula diamond tools and armor and goes up +1 meaning gold would

have level 1 enchants and so on till void with level 4 enchants and gladiator having the highest level 5 enchants,

You will now receive the following spawners depending on your rank (Zombie/Skeleton/Blaze/Pigman/Iron Golem)

More details at at the Store when click on a rank to see what it comes with @ http://Shop.Sky-Block.com

Kit Money -  Iron = $5k Gold = $10k Diamond = $15k Bedrock = $20k Void = $25k

Commands - You will no longer be able to change spawners only pick them up and place down and use any

spawner you get from Crates/Votes/Tokens.

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